Ground-breaking contemporary artists

Art reflects the attitudes and styles of its time. Contemporary art is global; prominent artists can emerge from any country and center themselves on a world stage. While contemporary artists vary their interests, materials, and methods of self-expression, one thing is consistent among them—each seeks to push art into a new direction. Each wants to speak to the unique issues of living in today’s world.

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“So happy to have found Highbrow. I’m doing a photography degree and it was brilliant to see such a wide variety of artists, their works, meanings and life story. I couldn’t wait for each email and was able to reference some quotes and ideas for the research and contextualisation part of the degree.”

“I got a good overview of what the artists do. It was well written and illustrated. Enjoyable and interesting.”

“An absorbing read. Wonderful compilation. Enjoyed taking this course.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Ai Weiwei
Lesson 2. Marina Abramovic
Lesson 3. Gerhard Richter
Lesson 4. Jeff Koons
Lesson 5. Barbara Kruger
Lesson 6. Takashi Murakami
Lesson 7. Yayoi Kusama
Lesson 8. Damien Hirst
Lesson 9. Kara Walker
Lesson 10. Shepard Fairey
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