Go for web development

Go is a relatively new programming language created and maintained by Google. Go’s popularity continues to rise, and it’s used extensively outside of Google at companies such as Docker, Heroku, and SoundCloud. Adding Go to your repertoire will provide breadth to your knowledge of programming languages and give you a boost in marketability. This course guides you through building an end-to-end web application in Go, including user interface, business logic, and authentication. In the capstone lesson, you’ll deploy your application to the internet so you can show off your hard work to friends and family.

This course requires prior programming experience, a basic understanding of web programming concepts, and familiarity with a Linux environment.

   121 students completed this course

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   Teacher: Larry Price


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Course plan

Lesson 1. Hello, Go for Web Development
Lesson 2. UI with HTML Templates
Lesson 3. Accessing an External API2
Lesson 4. Connecting to a Database
Lesson 5. Storing Your Library
Lesson 6. Displaying Your Library
Lesson 7. Going Full Librarian
Lesson 8. Securing Your Library
Lesson 9. Creating Libraries for Each User
Lesson 10. Hello, World Wide Web
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    10 days
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