Embodied mindfulness: Tools for tuning in to your health, creativity, and purpose

Explore the power of unifying the body and mind for greater health and to energize your life and enable you to enjoy increased harmony and connection within yourself and with others. Over these ten days, we will look at practical steps you can take to integrate a meditation and mindfulness practice with a physical movement practice (anything from walking or running to yoga, swimming, weightlifting, or however you like to move) to access your authentic self.

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98% of students recommend

  “This course was great! Philosophical, inspiring, and clearly focused, the author really compelled me to think differently about deepening flow, habits for benefit rather than addictive goal-setting, and the values behind authentic living. It’s realistic, applicable, and speaks to the truth of this being a lifelong practice.”

  “Great course! Very deep, informative and practical oriented. Mina, thank you a lot!”

  “Awesome course!”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The What and Why of Embodied Mindfulness
Lesson 2. Interoception, Embodied Cognition, and Unifying Body and Mind
Lesson 3. Embodied Techniques for Connecting Body and Mind
Lesson 4. The Transformative Potential of Body-Mind Integration
Lesson 5. How You Approach Your Goals Matters
Lesson 6. You Find Balance by Being Out of Balance
Lesson 7. Micro-goals
Lesson 8. Create the Pause: Intend More, React Less
Lesson 9. What Do You Value?
Lesson 10. Everything Comes Back to Gratitude
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    10 days
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