Coping with loneliness in the modern world

Loneliness is the epidemic of today’s world. Most of us feel lonely at some point in time, so is it okay to be lonely? This course will give you an insight into what loneliness really is and why it’s actually not okay to live a “lonely” life. It also provides practical measures that you can depend on to cope with loneliness and ultimately, overcome it.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Understand Loneliness
Lesson 2. Being Lonely in Today’s World
Lesson 3. How Loneliness Affects the Brain
Lesson 4. The Trap of Being Busy
Lesson 5. Technologically Advanced Isolation
Lesson 6. Empathy and Meaningful Relationships
Lesson 7. The Power of Art and Stories
Lesson 8. The Power of Community and Social Integration
Lesson 9. Understand the Difference between Being Lonely and Being Alone
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