How science works

What do we know about science? Although we encounter scientific claims on a daily basis in the modern world, we rarely consider science itself as an object of study. This course remedies that. It explores deep questions about scientific knowledge and how science works. For instance: How does science develop reliable knowledge? When should scientists change their beliefs? And do they do so when they should? It draws on the philosophy, history, and sociology of science to give you the tools to think more critically about the science you encounter, offers intellectual conundrums to ponder—and it just might make you a better scientist.

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   Teacher: Benjamin Keep


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80% of students recommend

  “Extremely well written and clearly laid out. I enjoyed the author’s more philosophical approach to science and what it is, and some of the critical thinking aspects often missed in courses that focus on the concepts themselves.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. What Makes Science Special?
Lesson 2. Theory and Data, Part 1
Lesson 3. Theory and Data, Part 2
Lesson 4. Scientific Explanations
Lesson 5. Reasoning with Models
Lesson 6. Techno-Science
Lesson 7. Method or Methods?
Lesson 8. Social Aspects of Science
Lesson 9. Scientific Progress
Lesson 10. Science and Society
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