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As we power through our 24-hour days, fueled by technology, coffee, and our Fear of Missing Out (FOMO), it’s easy to forget that our bodies are connected to nature. In particular, our bodies have an intrinsic circadian rhythm, and learning to eat, sleep, exercise, and schedule work according to that rhythm can actually boost your health, increase your productivity, and reduce your risk of chronic illness.

Did you know that the World Health Organization has declared night shift work a probable carcinogen? And that long-term sleep disruption can increase your risk of minor illnesses, like cold and flu, and major conditions, such as cancer and Alzheimer’s?

This course will teach you how to stop fighting your body and learn how to make wise, empirically supported choices about sleep, diet, exercise, and work so you can plan your daily schedule in a way that builds your best day and your best life.

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   Teacher: Dr. Kimberlee Bethany Bonura


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95% of students recommend

  “Great tips and information to put to use in my life.”

  “Knowledge is happiness and this is an easy course to remember pointers to a happy life.”

  “The course provided a lot of good useful information. I have already changed my lifestyle for the better because of this course.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. The Rhythms of Your Life: The Science of Circadian Rhythms
Lesson 2. The First Hour of Your Day
Lesson 3. Food throughout Your Day
Lesson 4. Exercise throughout Your Day
Lesson 5. Productivity throughout Your Day
Lesson 6. Rest and Recovery throughout Your Day
Lesson 7. The Last Hour of Your Day
Lesson 8. Get a Good Night’s Sleep
Lesson 9. Minimizing Hazards: Life on the Night Shift
Lesson 10. Adjusting to Disruption: Travel, Time Zones, and Jet Lag
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