Let’s Summarize It—Key Takeaways

13.10.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course How to win business with memorable customer service by Dream Support


Hi everyone! Today, we’ll sum up everything we’ve learned during the course. I hope it has motivated you to learn more about customer support and helped you improve your customer service practices.

Drawing your customer portrait. The best way to draw a customer portrait is to use social media monitoring tools. Find those talking about you or your competitors, and take some time to learn more about them. This will give you an idea on how to handle their requests.

Building a knowledge base. Your knowledge base can be built for both clients and support agents. It may include an FAQ section, forum, whitepapers, graphic and video tutorials, troubleshooting, glossary, and other elements. You can also add a search bar for better navigation.

Keep the information simply explained, organize it into a neat structure, and update it periodically. Look for improvement opportunities that usually appear in user feedback. Implement metrics that can help you analyze your content.

Setting up live chat and phone support. These two channels are similar in nature and help you build strong connections with customers. For live chat, there are numerous standalone and help desk solutions available. For phone support, the best solution is to find a call center providing relevant services.

Live chat tools are constantly improving, allowing you to create highly customized auto-responses. You can split your audience into segments and target greet each one of them with a tailored message.

Building perfect customer emails. Email is an extremely popular support channel, and most customers are used to it. Several simple rules will help you look more personal and alive in your replies:

• Avoid a formal vibe.

• Do not build distance between you and the problem.

• Use simple word constructions and write clear instructions.

With practice, you’ll create many of your own email scripts, each tailored to a specific situation. If you don’t know where to start, you can google them and adapt to your business. Just don’t forget to add a personal touch.

Improving social network support. If you decide to go social, consider your capability to handle all the requests in a timely manner. Users expect a fast reply while messaging to anyone, and they usually do not make exception for brands. You might find it necessary to elect or hire a dedicated team member responsible for all social network interactions. This person will help you create your own guidelines to managing social interactions with customers. On top of that, this team member can organize proper social media monitoring.

Saying “sorry” and “thank you.” In both situations, you reach out to build an understanding between you and the customer. When you apologize, you admit the problem and convey your willingness to make everything right. When you express appreciation, you show them how much they mean to you. And it’s not just about the money today, it’s about their support of your idea and values.

So, memorable customer service is about showing your customers that you share their same views and values, that you follow similar goals and ideals. It is what turns customers to loyal fans forever.

Measuring customer satisfaction. Evaluating your customers’ satisfaction can prove a challenging task. Yet, there are a few metrics you can gather to get an idea. These metrics can be quantitative and qualitative, and both types are important to understand. The ways to gather metrics come down to social listening and customer surveys.

These are the basics of impressive customer service. Good luck on deepening your knowledge and finding your unique answers.

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