Wrapping It Up: The Most Important Takeaways

12.07.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course Digital PR made easy by Marco Capra


Welcome to the last lesson of the course.

I’m excited for you!

We reached the end of our journey into Digital PR, a field that is still young and destined to evolve and become more and more important as our life on the internet becomes more and more relevant and the tools available grow in leaps and bounds.

You’ve learned how to audit your brand’s reputation and how to take control of your web presence. You understand how to craft effective content online and how to create a powerful digital press release. You know how to find and reach out to influencers and journalists who can help you spread the word. You discovered what tools you can use to help you build a digital PR strategy. Finally, you know how to measure your efforts so you can get even better results next time.

By now, you have both the knowledge and the tools to use digital PR to cost-effectively and powerfully spread the word about your brand.

As a final quick review, I want you to remember to always go through the five-step cycle we’ve introduced in this course:

1. Listen. Filter through the noise and know where you are. If you don’t carefully assess where you’re starting and how your brand is doing right now, it’s hard to measure progress.

2. Improve. Be interesting and unique. Choose where to build your presence. Select the platforms and the tools that are right for you.

3. Create. Build powerful content with a clear purpose and with your audience in mind.

4. Engage. Take part in the conversations around you. Be passionate and relevant. Find and reach out to the right people in a way that is genuine and personal. Be in it for the long run.

5. Measure and start again. Collect the data, measure your results, and adjust to do better next time.

If you work hard at each stage of this cycle, you will expand your reach and get others to spread your message for you, allowing your brand to gain visibility, authority, and ultimately, success.

Thank you for coming along on this journey. I really hope you enjoyed it.

If you know anyone who might be interested in learning more about digital PR and how to communicate effectively online, please tell them about this course.

You’re on your way to a more successful online strategy for your brand. Let’s get to work.

Good luck,



Recommended book

Friction: Passion Brands in the Age of Disruption by Jeff Rosenblum, Jordan Berg


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