Wrapping It All Up

15.02.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course How to write best-selling, award-winning fiction by K.C. Finn


So here it is—we’ve come to the very end of our ten days together. In this final session, we’ll look at a brief summary of what we’ve learned overall, and I’ll give you some mantras to help you move forward and continue your writing journey.

In terms of marketing your new best-seller, I hope that you’ve discovered the value of social media as an accessible platform for fans to connect with you. It’s that personal touch that engenders guaranteed readership and return business for fans of indie and small press authors. Selling your book takes a lot of work, and it’s important to write up catchy and attractive details on your book’s sales page to get readers interested. That single sentence tagline is totally key, so don’t forget to work hard on it! Reviewers are also going to be your new best friends, so don’t be shy; reach out to them right now to let them know what you’re working on. Finally, don’t be afraid to spend on good advertising and fill the skill gaps to make your book the best version of itself.


The content of an award-winning book is not an easy thing to create, but the steps we’ve taken during this course will stand you in good stead for the future. Over the last ten days, we’ve learned the essential ingredients of good quality, originality, and immersive writing that make a book stand out from the crowd, as well as looking closely at filmic description of settings and creating realistic, relatable characters. It’s also essential to remember that, in genre fiction, starting in the middle of the action is a surefire way to create intrigue and suspense for your readership. The most important thing by far, however, is to write every day and reaffirm that passion and commitment that you have to your art.


Mantras for Future Success

Writing Is Never Wasted

Even if you’re not writing what you “should” be writing, all the work you do is useful. Think of it as sharpening your knives—learning your skills and honing them through different media. Write every day and treasure everything you create, because it’s totally unique to you, and that’s to be celebrated.

Other Writers Are Not the Enemy

Never think that you’re in direct competition with other writers, and try not to be jealous of their success when you’re starting out. Other writers will become your network, your solidarity, and your fountain of knowledge if you allow them to be, and building that only increases your chances of success.

This Is Going to Be Hard Work

This, by far, is the most important thing I can stress to you. Success is achievable, but it is rarely easy in any walk of life. Writing is a highly competitive and creative business with many people vying for the same prizes, but if you persist and work hard at your craft, it does pay off, and you can make your living doing the thing you love most, just like I do.

It’s come to that time. The time to say farewell. If you’ve enjoyed this course, please don’t hesitate to get in touch online and let me know. And, if you do take the steps included in this lesson pack, hit me up for a spot of cross-promotion. I love to see what new writers are producing and involve them in my network. It’d be a pleasure to meet you and see where your writer’s journey takes you.

Until then, my very best wishes.
K.C. Finn

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