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Episode #10 of the course “Creating creation companies” by Barry Mapp


If you want your organization to become a creation company then you first have to understand the working conditions in which human spirit is released and creativity unfolds. In a nutshell, you have to learn how to put the joy back into work. In order to do this, a leader needs to transform management and leadership. Putting resources into transforming management along the lines discussed in this short course would be the most cost-effective way to bring creativity back into work. Such transformation of the system will then enable every worker to achieve extraordinary and innovative results. Every company can become a creation company.

Here again are some of the fundamental differences between compliance and creation companies:


10_1_Creating Creation Companies


The above table compares 12 features of each type of company. When we have so many features to compare, it is often easier to make sense of them by using some convergent thinking through the construction of a mind map. Below, we see a mind map summarizing the comparison between the two types of companies, each organized around three main themes. This makes it much easier for the brain to make sense of the data. I’ve also added an extra difference about culture that is not mentioned in this table, as it is one of the fundamental differences.


10_2_Creating Creation Companies


Further Reading and Insights on Mind Mapping

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Recommended book

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