Using Group Boards to Turn Your Reach from 100 to 100,000

18.07.2017 |

Episode #5 of the course How to grow your business with Pinterest by Sydney Wyatt


Now that we’ve got a nice solid foundation, we can start with the GROWTH!

Group Boards. They’re criminally underrated when it comes to getting your content out and seen on Pinterest.

If you haven’t bumped into a Pinterest Group Board yet, I’ll do a quick introduction:

A Group Board is a collaborative Pinterest board that is (usually) based around one topic. You can identify a Pinterest Group Board by the circle on the left hand side; it’s populated with links to each user who contributes to the board.

These boards are invaluable because they extend your potential audience in a huge way, which is something everyone can benefit from, especially if they don’t have an audience of their own yet. You may have 20 to 100 followers by now, but a Group Board could have up to 100,000.

How do you find Group Boards to contribute to? The most foolproof way to find boards in line with your niche is to go back to that first group of aligned users you followed. Scroll to the bottom of their profile, and bam! You should bump into at least a Group Board or two.

Here are things to keep in mind when looking for a high-quality Group Board:

• Followers matter, but they aren’t everything. Yes, a Group Board may only have a couple hundred followers right now, but everyone starts somewhere. If it’s in line with your niche and the people who already contribute to the board share good content often, go for it!

• Make sure the Group Board has simple, easy-to-follow instructions on how to join. Never pay to contribute to a Group Board. Be wary of any Group Board that makes you join a Facebook Group or otherwise “opt in” before joining.

• If one of the Group Rules doesn’t mention how often you’re allowed to share content or provide a guideline for how much of your own content you should share vs. other people’s, be wary. If there are no sharing rules, it could be spammy, which might lead to low engagement rates—and then, what’s the point?

The Group Board owner is always the first person listed in the Contributors panel on the right, which is directly below the “Follow Board” button.

I always take a minute to check out the owner’s main Pinterest profile too, because there’s a good chance they’re contributors to other Group Boards that are centered around the same or similar topics.

Pinterest does put the hammer down if you try and join more than 10 Group Boards in an hour (yes, learned that one the hard way!), but with very minimal effort, you can go from an audience of 100 to literally 100,000+ in a matter of hours.

Now that we’ve got an audience, we’ll get into looping pins—look out for the next lesson for more info on that!

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