Top Tips for Getting a Repeat Purchase

17.02.2017 |

Episode #10 of the course How to influence your customers to buy more by Chloë Thomas


Welcome to our final lesson.

I hope you’ve found the Customer MasterPlan and all the tips and ideas useful for growing your business.

In this lesson, I’m sharing some more tips on getting those repeat purchases.


Follow up on the last order with helpful post-purchase information

In lesson 5, I ran through how important it is to impress with the parcel. You can increase that good impression by crafting a sequence of communications that the customer gets after they’ve purchased about that purchase.

This doesn’t work for every product category, but where it can done, it can be very effective to both get a future order and encourage a referral.

Goodbye Crutches (one of my podcast guests) use this method (listen here). They sell alternatives to crutches, so most of their customers don’t want to be in need of their services—they recognized this and created a post-purchase sequence that both outlines other products that could be of use and also provides advice on how to stave off post-injury depression. It makes a very positive impact on both repeat purchases and introductions to new customers.

Always nice to find a method that helps get the repeat and the new!


Reactivation campaigns

Many businesses have a lot of customers who’ve bought in the past but haven’t bought for a long time. Marketing to these customers can often be more cost-effective than marketing to brand new customers.

The challenge can be to find a way to get in front of them; it’s possible the reason they haven’t bought is because they unsubscribed from your emails or forgot about you. A strong email offer can work, but you might need to create a direct mail campaign.

Don’t be scared to do that—technology has come forward in leaps and bounds in the last five years, and it can now be very cost-effective to do small volume postcard mailings.

If you’ve got a fair few buyers who haven’t bought in over 18 months, this could be well worth a test. Start with a list of 100-500 and see what happens.


CRM remarketing on Facebook

This can be a VERY powerful way to get the right message in front of those who’ve already bought once from you.

Create a list of the email addresses (or phone numbers) of the relevant customers and upload it to Facebook’s ad platform.

Facebook will identify the people on your list who have a Facebook account and pull them into an “audience” for you. You can then use this audience to create an advertising campaign.

If you’ve identified a trigger point for customers to buy again (as per lesson 5), then you could use them as your list and put the same re-buy message in front of them on Facebook.

This could also be used as part of your reactivation campaign.

(Of course, you can also use this to encourage the first purchase by creating an audience of those who have signed up but never bought.)

From some email providers, there is now also the option of integrating these lists so you don’t have to keep updating them—the system updates it for you.

I hope you’ve found these extra tips for getting more repeat orders useful, along with everything else I’ve shared in this series of lessons.

Good luck, and keep optimizing!


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