The Most Important Tool in My Pinterest Arsenal

18.07.2017 |

Episode #7 of the course How to grow your business with Pinterest by Sydney Wyatt


Woohoo! It’s Tailwind time.

While BoardBooster is your best friend for recycling old pins, Tailwind is really where fresh new content shines.

Here are five things anyone can use Tailwind for:

Custom posting schedules. Back when I first met Tailwind, the feature that cinched me as a paying customer was their custom posting schedule. As you walk through your initial account setup, Tailwind will crawl your Pinterest stats and build a custom posting schedule for you based on when your followers are most likely to interact.

It’s easy to update too: it only takes one click to add or remove a timeslot!

Board lists. A Board List is a customized collection of boards you either own or belong to. Once you’ve created a Board List, you can schedule a specific pin to post to every board within the Board List. This is especially invaluable for posting content to Group Boards: create one list for every topic you blog about!

Interval posting. One of my personal Pinterest turn-offs are accounts that post the same pin over and over, with absolutely nothing to break up the monotony. It is important to pin new content to multiple boards, but you gotta be strategic about it! Interval Posting helps you do this. When you’re scheduling multiple copies of the same pin, use Interval Posting to automatically space out each pin by a day or more.

Tailwind tribes. This feature is still in beta, but so far, I’ve seen good results. Tailwind Tribes are groups of Tailwind users that pin the same kind of content. Once you’ve joined a Tribe, you can add your content to the Tribe’s pool and get repins from other Tribe members. Tailwind makes it easy to see how useful Tribes are too: they show you detailed stats on how many repins and the reach you’ve received from within the Tribe.

Shuffle button. The shuffle button is my secret weapon! When I’m curating content to pin to my feed, I generally search by topic or keyword. I always find lots of great content, but if I schedule it all in the order I find it, I end up with a feed that has 15 pins on one topic, followed by 10 pins on another, and so on. I prefer to have a mix of content topics at all times. Using the Shuffle Button, I scramble up the pins I have queued, which leaves me with an organic mix of content.

It’s very possible I’m Tailwind’s number-one fan, but it really does bring in the results. When I first started using it, my follower and repin numbers climbed by 30% in less than a month. To get the most out of Tailwind, make sure your queue is always full.

So, that’s it for tools! There are others out there, like Buffer and Viralwoot, if BoardBooster and Tailwind don’t work for you.

In the next lesson, we’re tackling the latest Pinterest debate: mass pin deletion.

Catch you then!



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