The inner child

22.02.2016 |

Episode #2 of the course The random word doodle: boost your creativity and exercise your mind by Rich Armstrong


Doodling random words may feel silly or stupid. You may feel like a child. You may feel the need to do something more adultish to get that brain in creative mode! But often, doing things that kids do is the key to creativity. Kids just create. They get messy. They make stuff up. They tell stories. They play outside. They have imaginary friends. But let’s take this one step at a time. Pretending that you have an imaginary friend may get you fired, but doodling random words will not.

Doodling isn’t the same as drawing. When we doodle, we make things up, we create, we try things, we get what’s in our mind onto paper, or we just put pen to paper and see what comes out. For many people, this is scary! Not having a clear goal freaks us out! This is the challenge then—just create! Just do it! The words help, but it’s up to you to decide what you’re doodling exactly, and how you’re going to do it.

So let’s embrace the inner child. Let’s put down our adult problems, our adult pressures, and let’s just doodle. Let’s be silly—let’s be free.

Here are today’s words:

1. Gage
2. Unseeded
3. Prosecute
4. Adored
5. Admiring
6. Recension
7. Squaretail
8. Hipless
9. French-speaking
10. Rudiment

Okay, so sometimes there are normal-ish words and sometimes there are weird and wonderful words—that’s just the beauty of the exercise! So today, the idea is to pick one that you think a kid would like to doodle and doodle it like a kid! Remember, 15 minutes!

2nd day done! Well done! Now share it. Your brain may continue to think of other things to doodle, and it may ponder on the other words that you didn’t doodle, but that’s okay. The point is to get your brain working. It will be warm and ready to take on the day. Doodling is powerful. Now go forth and be more childlike today. See you tomorrow!


Recommended book

“Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman


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