The Georgia Guidestones

26.04.2015 |

Episode #9 of the course “Mysterious World Landmarks”

In 1979, a person under the pseudonym “R. C. Christian” erected a stone monument in Georgia, 90 miles east of Atlanta. Sometimes called “the American Stonehenge,” the monument is smaller but clearer about its purpose than the ancient British site. The four standing stones of the Georgia Guidestones, topped by a horizontal capstone, are engraved with a message in twelve languages and claim to provide guidelines for future generations. Although the identity of R. C. Christian has not been determined, a plaque at the site lists other important information, such as the size and languages of the stones as well as the importance of the stones’ placement.

On each side of the four stones is an engraved message of ten principles or guidelines. The message is repeated in English, Spanish, Swahili, Hindi, Russian, Hebrew, Arabic, and Chinese, and a shorter message appears on the four sides of the top of the capstone, written in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs, Babylonian cuneiform, classic Greek, and Sanskrit. The Guidestones’ message deals with the challenges of establishing a new society in the wake of disaster. The Guidestones promote harmony between humans and nature, fair and equal governance, and the temperance of passion with reason. Although they are aligned with many religious messages, no phrasing from a particular holy text provides the basis for the Guidestones’ words.

Controversy has surrounded the Guidestones since their unveiling. Their arrangement, as well as drilled holes and other marks, correspond with celestial bodies and important astronomical events, such as the location of the North Star and the placement of light during the solstice. The careful planning that went into creating, designing, and placing the Guidestones leads some to believe they are associated with religious practices or ceremonies, but no one has determined a purpose for the Guidestones outside of delivering a message through history.


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