The Gates to Heaven and Hell

16.07.2018 |

Episode #8 of the course The world’s most compelling logic puzzles by John Robin


Welcome back!

Today, we’ll work on a puzzle that might remind you at first of our three-gun battle between Good, Bad, and Ugly.

Here it is: A person dies, then arrives at the gate to heaven. However, it is not like he expects. There are three doors. They all look the same and have no sign on them, but he manages to find a sign on a plaque that explains how it all works:

• One door leads to heaven.

• One door leads to a one-day stay at hell, after which he will be at this gate again.

• One door leads to a two-day stay in hell, after which he will be at this gate again.

The sign also says that each time he returns, the doors will be shuffled and remain unlabeled. How long will it take to reach heaven?

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