Supported Child’s Pose

10.05.2017 |

Episode #7 of the course Restorative yoga for restful sleep by Elaine Oyang


The Supported Child’s Pose simulates a warm, nourishing hug across your belly and chest while providing a gentle release in your lower back and hips. Because your belly and chest are protected and supported in this pose and your knees are pulled in towards you, you will feel safe and grounded. This is a great pose not only for a gentle back release, but also to ground your energy for the night after a long day.

What you need:

● One bolster
● Three blankets

How to:

Place your bolster vertically on your mat, then fold or roll a blanket to stack on top of the bolster (as pictured). Fold your other blankets into thin rolls. From a kneeling position, place one blanket underneath the front of your ankles and the second blanket in the back of your knees. Spread your knees a bit wider than your hips and slide the edge of the bolsters toward you. Rest your belly, chest, forehead, or cheek on the bolster and allow your arms to drape by either side of you. Stay for three to five minutes or longer. If you rest one cheek on the bolster, make sure you turn to the other side halfway through to create symmetry in your neck.

Why this works:

If you look at it, Child’s Pose is really a primal pose (think of a baby in the womb). It is also an instinctive position you put yourself in when you feel cold, scared, and/or upset—you curl up. The benefits of adding a bolster and blanket are to create more support, a sense of safety, and warmth for your body, which reduce anxiety and stress. If you really want to pamper yourself, add another blanket over your body!


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