Supported Belly Twist Pose

10.05.2017 |

Episode #8 of the course Restorative yoga for restful sleep by Elaine Oyang


Think about it—how many times have you actually rotated your entire upper body, from your lower belly all the way up to your neck and shoulders? Probably close to none, unless you turn your whole body to back up your car or to watch for blind spots when you switch lanes. Most of the time, your body moves in a one-directional plane (forward and backward), and therefore I’ve included a gentle twist keep your spine’s range of motion healthy.

What you need:

● One yoga block
● One bolster
● One blanket

How to:

Place the block on its side, then place one end of your bolster on the block. (If using books, stack your books on top of each other, then place one end of your bolster on the books). Place your blanket at the lower end of your bolster on the floor. Sit sideways with your right side facing the bolster. Bend your knees and swing your legs to your left, away from the bolster. On an inhale, sit tall, then on an exhale, turn your body to face the bolster and rest your upper belly, chest, and right cheek on the bolster. Let your arms drape down by your side and relax your shoulders. Stay for two to three minutes, then switch sides.

Why this works:

Your belly and chest are again supported here, giving the same effects of feeling safe, held, and grounded. The gentle twist that happens here helps rejuvenate the spine, especially if your back has been pretty much locked in one position throughout the day (e.g., sitting at a desk). One of the great advantages of your spine is its ability to rotate and turn around. This not only benefits the health of your intervertebral disks to keep them supple but also gives your digestive organs a gentle “massage.” As you stay in the Supported Belly Twist Pose, you might even feel your spine “unwind.”


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