Stage 1: Attracting the Right Visitors

17.02.2017 |

Episode #2 of the course How to influence your customers to buy more by Chloë Thomas


Welcome to the second lesson of this course. Having introduced the Customer MasterPlan model, it’s now time to dive into some of the details and give you ideas on how to get more customers.

Stage 1 is all about getting your marketing and message in front of the right audiences to bring the right customers (those who are going to buy, of course!) to your website.

This is one of the biggest challenges for any business—how to get more traffic and how to make sure the traffic is quality traffic that is interested in buying.

Anyone can quickly double their site traffic with paid advertising, but there’s no point in traffic if it’s not going to buy. Traffic is vanity, orders are sanity.

Stage 1 is where it all starts, so the better quality traffic we get into the model, the more likely you are to succeed when working on the other stages.


What you must get right in Stage 1

You need to find the marketing methods and traffic sources that work for you. You can’t just rely on one, you need to find the mix of marketing (various methods) that work well for your business.

There are so many ways you could market to new visitors that I split them into three types:

Get Found
Get Found is the marketing that makes sure that when the customer is looking for your products, they find you.

There’s not a lot of ways to do this—basically it’s Google Shopping campaigns and highly targeted keyword bidding campaigns.

If you’ve got amazing SEO, you’ll also pick up some new visitors with that.

Target Customer
This is marketing you put in front of your target customer. To do this, you need to know who your target customer is! If you sell fishing rods, this could be:

• Advertising – An advert in the magazine “Fishing Monthly”

• PR – Getting a product featured on the “Fishing Diaries of Bob” blog

• Facebook Advertising – Adverts targeted at people like those on your email list

Shine a Light
Marketing that appears in places that have a LOT of visibility but aren’t targeted at your specific Target Customer. Many of the methods are very similar to “Target Customer” marketing, but the audience is different. Sticking with fishing rods:

• Advertising – An advert in a national newspaper

• PR – Getting a product featured on a national radio show (that’s not a fishing show!)

• Advertising – A roadside billboard

I believe you need to find at least one of each of these marketing types that works for your business in order to consistently bring fresh, interested visitors to your website.

The key to finding the marketing that will work for you is to test, test, test!


Key messages for the Customers in “The World”

You also need to get the messaging right. Customers who’ve only reached “The World” level need lots of reassurance and information to make them want to visit you. So you need to get your strongest messages out there for them.

• Tell them how much your customers love you

• Tell them how many customers you have

• Show them your most popular products

The call to action needs to drive them to visit your website—to read an article, find out more about a product, see a video, etc.

Getting the right mix of marketing and messages out in front of “The World” to turn them into “Visitors” is a complicated challenge. You guessed it—you’ll need to keep testing and optimizing.

Tomorrow, we’ll move on to look at Stage 2—how to get those visitors to give you their email address.

Catch up tomorrow,


Recommended book

“The Challenger Sale: Taking Control of the Customer Conversation” by Matthew Dixon, Brent Adamson


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