Shaving Like a King

12.12.2017 |

Episode #3 of the course Men’s guide to grooming and style by Eddy Larkson


Today, we’ll cover how to shave and take better care of your skin during this process.


There are several different types of razors, with their pros and cons.

Electric shavers. These have a rotating blade that sits behind a metal guard. These are nice because it is harder to cut yourself. However, some guys think they don’t offer as close shave as other razors.

Safety razors. It takes some expertise to know how to handle these razors very well. However, many people say they offer the closest shave and if handled correctly, can lead to a lower chance of skin irritation.

Disposable cartridge razors. This is the preferred choice of most of my clients. Disposable cartridge razors can be bought at the store, online, or even by subscription for convenience. Many guys love blades that include a lubricating strip, easy-to-hold razor handle grip, or precision trimmer that helps reach places like sideburns. The main issue is that it can be easy to cut or irritate your skin with these razors, and they can be expensive.

Unfortunately, there is no universal solution for all guys, and everything depends on your preferences. So, feel free to try each razor out and see what works best for you.


Better Shaving Guide

Here are a few general pointers on how to make your shaving experience better than ever:

• First, try shaving in the shower (you can get a shower anti-fog mirror if you prefer). Many guys I’ve worked with state that their best shaves are in the shower, where they let the warm (not hot) water and steam moisten their face.

• Also, try using a face scrub before you shave to get rid of those dead skin cells (remember our talk on Day 1 about exfoliating your face?).

• Next, use a shaving cream formulated to be “highly concentrated,” as those provide the smoothest experience. These are usually creams that do not foam up.

• Try to use a fresh razor every three or four uses if possible. Let your blade soak under your shower head’s warm water for a few seconds. Then, gently guide your razor to shave your facial hair. Some guys like shaving against the grain after they are done with their initial strokes, but this is optional. Many guys also say they like to shave about three times a week, but again, this is up to you!

• After you are done shaving, you can apply a small amount of facial scrub over the parts of your face you shave, as this can help prevent burns or irritation. It is up to you if you would rather exfoliate before or after shaving, but I’d recommend just using scrub once either before or after shaving. This is especially true if you have sensitive skin.



Apply an aftershave immediately after you finish showering. Your aftershave should be applied thinly across your face. If you use too much, it can irritate you. About a dime-sized amount should work fine.

Your aftershave should include ingredients that help calm the skin, such as aloe or cucumber. If possible, try to shave in the morning or at least not right before bed, because the aftershave could irritate your skin when running against your pillowcase.


Key Takeaways

Look for a highly concentrated shaving cream for a better shaving experience, and try to exfoliate your face before shaving to remove dead skin and help prevent bumps. Try different kinds of razors to see which you like best, and avoid shaving or using aftershave right before bed, as that can irritate your skin as you sleep.

Tomorrow, we will explore how to find your perfect soap, body wash, and scent to conquer the day and upgrade your shower experience!


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