Eddy Larkson


Course: Men’s guide to grooming and style

Eddy Larkson is an expert in the field of men’s personal development and entrepreneurship and has become obsessed with finding new ways to improve himself through simple yet useful tactics. His goal is to offer bite-sized golden nuggets of guidance and advice in his teachings that can carry serious positive impacts on his readers and followers. He has completely rearranged his life by learning speed-learning techniques to educate and inform himself on self-improvement topics, writing books as fast as in one week’s time, and consulting with multi-million dollar businesses, including many from the hit show, Shark Tank.

Yet settling for an average life is not his goal. Eddy likes to push himself, challenge others to do the same, and work with his readers like they are his best friends in order to motivate them and help each other become the best versions of themselves.

Website: createwfu.wixsite.com

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