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20.05.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course Speak English fluently: How to create your successful English study plan by Sabrina Rose


We’re almost to the end of this email course. You’re doing great! You know one of your true, deeper goals regarding your English speaking practice, you’ve learned some new phrases, and you’re starting to take in more information in English. You have even started the process of talking to more people in English.

A round of applause for you!

9.1 Speak English fluently

Everything you’ve done so far throughout this course might seem like small steps, but when you add them up and start to take these actions in your daily life, you will see big improvements in your English.

Since we’ve looked at so many different things and ways and steps and actions so far, I want to give you today to “catch up” or take a break. Because remember, you don’t always have to go super fast to reach your goals.

Taking breaks and going slow can be part of your natural progress toward really speaking English fluently.

I’ll still give you some steps to take today if you want to review other lessons from this course. Or, if you want, take the day off and take a break today. You deserve it!

Steps to take today:

Step 1: Look through Lesson #1 through Lesson #8
Go back through all the lessons in this email course. You can open each individual email in a tab or just read them one by one.

Make a note of which step or action you would like to take today.

Step 2: Try out something you haven’t done yet (or complete a step you half-started)
Maybe you haven’t downloaded an app yet (Lesson #4). Use your time today to take that step. Maybe you need to work on one of your transcripts or submit a transcript somewhere online to get feedback and corrections (Lesson #2). You could also take some time today to publish a post to help you find a language exchange partner (Lesson #7).

Just play with the ideas. Try out something new. Or choose a step from one of the lessons that can really help you reach your big English goal (remember Lesson #1?).

Remember, only take today’s steps if you want to review or catch up.

You also have the option of taking the day off.

We have one lesson left. It’s a good one. It’s all about love.



Recommended book:

“English the American Way: A Fun ESL Guide to Language & Culture in the U.S.” by Sheila MacKechnie Murtha


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