Reparenting yourself

“For in every adult there dwells the child that was, and in every child there lies the adult that will be.” —John Connolly, Author

Do you ever feel like there is a part of you that’s out of your control? For example, in relationships, you can’t help but feel insecure, or perhaps you’re overly defensive? Do you ever feel like you’re overcompensating for some innate weakness that always gets the better of you?

Adulting is hard. Most of us have to manage some unhealthy behavior and relationship patterns. Usually, we just cope with it in unworkable ways: avoiding inner talk, over-working, materialistic tendencies.

How you act and feel as an adult is innately linked to your childhood. Psychology points out that within every adult lives an inner child. Our unhealthy behavior and thought patterns almost always stem from the parenting we have received.

The truth is: often, there is no right or wrong in parenting. But it’s also true that no parenting is perfect, and that all parenting is complex.

In this course, I will bring out the fundamental facets of why it’s critical to heal your “inner child” and the role of “parenting style” in creating it.

Then, we shall go through vital but practical ways to re-parent ourselves and grow into the emotionally mature mindset of “the adult”.

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89% of students recommend

  “I’m in my mid 40s and it’s only now that I’m realizing that so many of my problems and flawed way of thinking have to do with the way I was raised. I’m definitely a child of emotional neglect, so the research and tips you share are truly meaningful. Thank you.”

  “A great breakdown to get to one’s “inner story”. This helps to get to the source and deal with the core issues, rather than apply band-aids to the consequential problems.”

  “It was EXACTLY what I was looking for, not only for myself but for friends as well. Thank you Highbrow and the author.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Introduction
Lesson 2. Who Is Your Inner Child
Lesson 3. Knowing Your Inner Parent (Internalized Parent)
Lesson 4. Forgiving Your Parents
Lesson 5. Self-Parenting Strategies: Know Your Attachment Style
Lesson 6. Self-Parenting Strategy: Create an Ideal Inner Parent
Lesson 7. Self-Parenting Strategy: Take Self-Talk Beyond Criticism
Lesson 8. Reparenting Strategy: Tackling Your Wounded Inner Child
Lesson 9. Reparenting Strategy: Track Your Feelings as a Habit
Lesson 10. Inner Child Worksheet
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