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With all the courses and resources available on the internet today, it’s easy to learn anything! But it’s also easy to be overwhelmed and confused by so many different options. In just ten days, this course will help you put together a personalized curriculum of the subject you want to learn, whatever your budget or deadline might be.

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   Teacher: Michelle Gommel


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93% of students recommend

  “This was an enjoyable course with great information.”

  “While I would recommend this course to another learner, it would be to someone who wants to learn about finding courses online or how to develop habits around learning, not someone who wants to design a curriculum. I would have enjoyed links to books about building an actual curriculum and seeing a sample curriculum in this course. The books suggested were good but didn’t always reflect the content of the lesson.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Why Build Your Own Curriculum?
Lesson 2. Identifying Your Subject
Lesson 3. Searching for Your Courses
Lesson 4. Non-course Learning Materials
Lesson 5. Organizing Your Findings
Lesson 6. Making a Schedule
Lesson 7. Sticking with Your Schedule
Lesson 8. When to Take a Step Back
Lesson 9. If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It
Lesson 10. What’s Next?
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  • Format
    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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