Human history and the first civilizations

What happened in history before ancient Greeks and Romans? In this course, we’ll cover the story of humanity, from our origins in East Africa to the world’s first pre-industrial civilizations. Over ten days, you’ll learn about human origins some three million years ago, explore the origins of modern humans, ourselves, and our colonization of the Old World and the Americas. We’ll also explore the origins of agriculture and animal domestication and explain why the changeover from hunting and gathering took place. The course ends with a survey of the world’s earliest cities and civilizations in Egypt, Mesopotamia, South and Southeast Asia, and the Americas. How were the earliest civilizations organized and how did they come into being? After ten days, you’ll have an entirely new perspective on our past.

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Course plan

Lesson 1. Beginnings
Lesson 2. The Archaic World
Lesson 3. People of the Late Ice Age
Lesson 4. The First Americans
Lesson 5. The Origins of Agriculture
Lesson 6. The Origins of Civilization
Lesson 7. The First Civilizations: Egypt and Mesopotamia
Lesson 8. Early Chinese Civilization
Lesson 9. Maya and Aztec Civilizations
Lesson 10. Andean Civilizations
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