Foundations of mathematics

Do you want to brush up on your math? Or do you feel like you missed out on some important information early on in school, after which it all became frustrating and didn’t make sense? Whatever the case, this course will give you a starting point, a true foundation. Over ten days, you’ll learn the fundamental rules of numbers, fractions, roots, exponents, and logarithms. You also will gain curiosity for the topics to come as you gaze into the gateway of algebra and geometry.

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   Teacher: John Robin


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83% of students recommend

“I’m an Algebra II student, and it gave me both a review of what I learned, as well as a peek at what’s coming next. The jokes were nice as well. Thanks!”

“Clear, well-organized, logical, well written, entertaining. Excellent course refreshing long lost and barely understood math knowledge.”

“Thanks for your effort to make math clearer than mud, still a bit of dirty water for me but, a much needed refresher.”


Course plan

Lesson 1. Natural Numbers and Integers: The First Place to Start
Lesson 2. Rational, Irrational, and Real Numbers
Lesson 3. Factoring: Tricks to Make It Easy
Lesson 4. Fractions Made Easy
Lesson 5. Working with Square Roots
Lesson 6. Radical Expressions, Combining Fractions and Square Roots
Lesson 7. Exponents, the Rules That Will Give You a Higher Power over Numbers
Lesson 8. Understanding Logarithms in a Straightforward, Simple Way
Lesson 9. Working with Logarithms, Rules to Let You Master the Power of Exponents
Lesson 10. The Gateway to Algebra and Geometry
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  • Format
    One lesson delivered via email daily
  • Duration
    10 days
  • Time
    5 minutes reading a day

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