Meditation Never Ends

24.10.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course How to bring meditation into your everyday by Colin Pal


Congrats, you did it! You completed this course on how to bring meditation into your everyday. Thank you for taking this journey with me.

Don’t let it end here. Meditation is never done. Even the masters of meditation continue to show up every day to train their attention and their resilience to thoughts and emotions. You’ve learned various ways to bring meditation into your daily life. Now take these practices and challenges and commit to showing up day after day. I have one last practice to share with you.


The Practice: Create a Morning Routine

Having a morning routine can supercharge your day and start it with a sense of calm and control. It’s so easy to wake up and rush into your day, allowing your schedule to take full control of you. Take back that control by creating a morning routine where you can practice meditation, gratitude, reading, writing, exercise, or other important things you normally don’t have time for.

Start with making your bed (mindfully) first thing in the morning! It’s an accomplishment, and there’s no better feeling in the morning than to know that you already conquered something today.

“The one single thing you can do to start your day with an accomplishment is to make your bed.”Tweet this.


Your Challenge

Create a morning routine—even if that means waking up an hour earlier than you need to. If waking up one hour earlier gives you the power to take control of your day, increases your mindfulness and happiness throughout the day, and allows you to do the things you always complain you don’t have time to do, is it not worth it?

You’re done with the course! Let’s do a quick recap on what you’ve learned:

• It’s possible to go through a chaotic and overwhelming day and still come home happy. It’s just a matter of training your mind to be resilient to the chaos.

• Meditation is a simple mental workout of training your attention. Choosing where to put your attention is the ultimate power to taking control of your life, your focus, and your happiness.

• Meditation doesn’t only have to be done while sitting down. It can be taken off the cushion and practiced in any activity throughout your day.

• You can improve your relationships by listening and speaking more mindfully during your conversations.

• Relaxation by doing a body scan meditation can help with insomnia and improve your sleep.

• The simplest way to start and end your day happy is by practicing gratitude—either through meditation or journaling.

• Meditating also trains your ability to let go of control over thoughts and emotions so that you can move from compulsion to living with the power of choice.

• You can apply meditation and mindfulness to your work to overcome procrastination and become more focused and productive.

• Meditation can also be applied to the most fundamental activity of existence—eating.

• Supercharge your day by taking control of your morning with a morning routine. Start with making your bed!

Thanks for taking this journey with me!

Colin Pal

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