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18.05.2017 |

Episode #7 of the course Amazon FBA fundamentals: From no-experience to selling your product by Erik Rogne


Just because you have an item on Amazon doesn’t mean that people will magically find it. Unfortunately, there is a lot of competition, which I’m sure you noticed from your research phase; luckily, I can tell that it didn’t stop you from getting to this point. Even with competition, I’m sure you believe that your item is better than your competition, and that is the right attitude!

As I discussed before, when listing your item on Amazon, make sure you have the right keywords in your listing. If you are organized, I’m sure you listed these keywords in a document—you will need these keywords when marketing on Amazon.

Marketing on Amazon is pretty straightforward. They have something called campaign manager where they will allow you to generate PPC (pay-per-click) campaigns. This is similar to what Google does.

Google lets people pay for advertisements to show up in their search engine when a visitor types in specific keywords. For Amazon, when you pay for a certain keyword, depending on how much you offer to pay for that keyword, you will rank higher.

“Okay, I think I get it!” you say.

For example, you want your foldable water bottle to rank for the keyword “water bottle.” You decide to pay Amazon up to $1.25 per click for your advertisement. In turn, Amazon lists an advertisement for your product listing in the #1 advertisement spot when someone searches for “water bottle,” and when someone clicks that link, you pay Amazon up to (could be less than) $1.25.

What this does is make your product listing get more impressions, because most customers don’t go through every single product that Amazon has—usually they stick with products on page one or two, and when you are just starting out, you are ranked somewhere in the back, which could be page 10 or further!

I always recommend Amazon for marketing, but be careful because it will start eating into your profits.


What Other Marketing Channels Can I Use?

There are so many other marketing channels that you can use; however, it entirely depends on your strategy. For that reason, I will give you a list of some of the sites I have used and recommend.

• Niche Blogs
• Amazon-Specific Advertising Sites
• Reddit
• Facebook
• Google
• Instagram
• Snapchat

Remember, it doesn’t just end with website presence! I have fitness products that I use in the gym, and people come up and ask me where I got them. For some of my products, I will even go to trade shows and advertise if I am trying to sell a bulk amount.

Marketing never stops, and once you dive into your data, you will uncover more insights.

In this lesson, we talked about Marketing through Amazon and other channels. In the next lesson, we will talk about analytics and conversion optimization.


Recommended book

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