Erik Rogne


Course: Amazon FBA fundamentals: From no-experience to selling your product

Erik Rogne has 12 years of importing experience. He started with eBay and then in 2013 saw the huge potential of Amazon FBA. Now he has sourced 10 products currently on Amazon that are all selling very well.

Erik has a background in engineering and business, but he has always been an entrepreneur at heart. Ever since he was young, you could see him building new inventions in his dad’s shop. He is constantly reinventing himself every day, tending to new techniques brought out from his experiments. When he came across Amazon FBA, he knew it was something revolutionary.

He has two true passions. First is learning; every single day, he urges himself to learn something new. He is constantly reading about new subjects, no matter the difficulty. Second is making a difference through innovation. He has started his own businesses, worked for large corporate companies in various positions, and has been a mentor to those looking to try something different.