Invest in Yourself

05.02.2016 |

Episode #8 of the course How to Validate an Idea by Ryan Kulp


A lot of people dream about becoming a CEO, but they haven’t been properly introduced to what that role actually entails.

Great CEOs pride themselves on being the “dumbest person in the room” and know that the key to a successful organization is firing yourself constantly.

On Day Seven, we touched briefly on the concept of investing in your idea as an investment in yourself.

Today we’re going to consider a few ways you might be able to do that in order to fire yourself from the wrong things and focus on the right ones.



● Do you need a logo? Don’t waste time teaching yourself Photoshop. Get one on Fiverr for $5.

● Do you have a custom website domain? Google search “99 cent domain” and click the GoDaddy ad. Create a new account and get your domain for a buck.

● Are you using tools to communicate with customers? Could you pay $10-20 per month more to remove the 3rd-party branding or gain access to more features or analytics? Skip your next burrito and make it happen.



● Research an influencer who lives in your area. And be liberal with what “your area” means. If they could be helpful and you can add value to their endeavors, ask to buy them a nice meal. It could be the best $100 bucks you’ve ever spent. Tips and tricks here.



● Is there an upcoming industry conference you could attend where hundreds of prospective customers are looking to make deals? Potentially carve into your vacation budget for a cheap Airbnb and economy airfare. Or just hack the lobby for free.

This is a small list to get you started; hopefully you’re already devising several ways you can improve your workflow, increase focus and time for the most important aspects of your business, and reduce the noise from your day to day as a newly minted founder.

Tomorrow we’ll discuss another tactic that could double your output but comes at a different cost than money.


Recommended book

“Rework” by Jason Fried


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