How to Score at Your Interview

08.08.2017 |

Episode #9 of the course Ultimate guide to landing a job by Infobip


You’ve received that call or email confirming your date for an interview. Go ahead and celebrate the successful first step, but keep in mind that your recruiter probably has several interviews on the same day, not to mention on the preceding and following days. Interviews are often the first chance you get to come face to face with potential employers, so it’s important that you make yourself memorable for the right reasons.

First, go back to the job ad and review it thoroughly.

Research the company. Understand their business and challenges. Go back into their company culture, since your interviewers will pay particular attention to whether or not you are a fit. Some of the more personal questions or questions about your behavior in different situations are asked to get a feel of your personality. Go back and check the advice on being a cultural fit to prepare yourself.

Research the position. What challenge does the company want to solve through hiring someone for this position? How does this position contribute to the team or the company? Who are the main stakeholders for this position? Look at the examples from other companies in the same sector or industry-best practices to find answers. Can’t find all the answers? No problem, these are all excellent questions for your interviewer!

Review your application. How you present yourself, your experience, and your accomplishments say a lot about you. People love to hear good stories, so prepare examples that you can use when asked about your knowledge, strengths, or management of difficult situations.

Practice your answers. Glassdoor and TheMuse have lists of some of the most used interview questions. Go through them and practice your responses. Write them down if necessary—prune them so you are structured, concise, and interesting.

On a lighter note, be relaxed! That way, you will create the best possible impression and present your true self. To alleviate pre-interview stress, do something that makes you confident or relaxed. A walk through the city, a workout at the gym, or coffee with a friend are all techniques to help you relax and put your best foot forward. Good luck!

In our next and concluding lesson, we will discuss your personal brand and how you can use it to stand out from the crowd.


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