How to Find What You Want and Where to Get It

08.08.2017 |

Episode #3 of the course Ultimate guide to landing a job by Infobip


The key ingredient for success in a job search is focus. Here, we will help you achieve that focus and put an end to time-wasting habits.


Define the Career Field or Industry You Want

In the previous lesson, we said that there is no single career field for you and that you can pursue your interest, such as financial accounting or writing, across different industries. So, don’t feel restricted or limited in your choice of industry.

When it comes to your job search today, you don’t need to determine what you want to do for the rest of your life. Just define what you want now. Start wide by choosing a number of options. If you’re thinking of a career in marketing, then consider joining a web design team, an events team, or a social media team. You can even apply for a position in an HR department in the field of employer branding.

As you learn more about each option, you will gain clarity on what attracts and conversely, does not attract. Use this to narrow down your search, achieve focus, and stop wasting time on irrelevant opportunities. Instead of being lost in hundreds of job ads, you are now focused on specific ones, which leaves you more time and energy for quality preparation.


Make the Information Come to You

You’ve figured out what you want, but where will you find it? Each country, region, and industry has its own most popular sources, and you might know some of them already. Research as many different sources as you can.

Once you find them, you don’t have to keep visiting them every day. Each source has an option to subscribe to receive new job ads. Use this option! Filter your choices in accordance with our previous tips, and subscribe to receive new job ads tailored to your needs. Create a separate email address for your job search, and organize it with folders for different sources or interests. If you do this, you won’t have to spend time visiting 10 websites every day, as your inbox will give you everything you need.

As your job search progresses, you will see which job sources work best for you. Focus on what works. As for the others, check your filters again and consider modifying them. If you still don’t get what you want, unsubscribe from them.

And don’t forget about social networks: social media is used by 92% of companies for recruitment. While Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are still the favorites for social job searching, new channels are encroaching on their territory.

In the next lesson, we will focus on what you should consider when defining your career field or industry. There is one key factor there that is often neglected: the company’s culture.


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