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09.05.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course Quick yoga poses at the desk by Elaine Oyang


If you work in front of the computer every day for hours, your wrists, hands, and fingers pretty much stay within a small range of motion. The constant typing and scrolling, though seemingly harmless, can cause tension to build up in the wrists and fingers. Try the following exercises for your hands and fingers to bring release and blood circulation back into your digits.

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What you need:

– A comfortable sitting position

What to do:

1) Sit in a comfortable, upright position. Lift the right arm straight in front of you and hold your hand up as if signaling “Stop.”

2) Place your left hand in front of your fingers on your right hand and push the fingers toward your body. Stay here for 5 breaths as you feel the sensation in your fingers, palm, and the front of your wrist.

3) Flip the right hand downwards and press the top of your right hand in toward you with the left hand. Stay here for 5 breaths as you feel the sensation in the top of your forearm. Keep the elbows straight.

4) Hold the right arm to the side with the palm open toward the front. Tuck the thumb to the center of the palm and wrap your other four fingers snugly over the thumb. Tilt the wrapped thumb away from you toward the floor for 5 full breaths. Release the grip and shake your hands and fingers.

5) Repeat on the left hand.

Why this works:

We rarely think about stretching our hands or fingers, but they are just as important as any other areas of the body. Your hands and fingers are composed of many small muscles and joints to provide the dexterity that we rely upon so heavily. Give your fingers, hands, and wrists the attention they deserve by keeping them supple with the exercises described above.


Recommended book:

“The Key Muscles of Yoga: Scientific Keys” by Ray Long


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