Hair, Lips, and Eye Care

12.12.2017 |

Episode #2 of the course Men’s guide to grooming and style by Eddy Larkson


Welcome to Day 2 of our course!

Today, we are going to talk about taking the best possible care of your hair, lips, and eyes.


Hair Care: Shampoo and Conditioner

Take a moment and notice your hair: Is it thin, thick, oily, dry, easy to comb through, or thick and hard to handle? If your hair is oily or thin, try getting a volumizing shampoo formulated for strengthening your hair roots. Avoid using conditioner more than once a week. If your hair is thick or dry, try getting a shampoo that focuses on moisturizing and possibly extra strength to get through your thick head of hair. Use conditioner three times a week.


Styling Products and Tools

The most common ways guys style their hair is by using pomades, gels, creams, plain water, a hairbrush, or a hairdryer. Here are brief guidelines:

Pomades add a natural shine to your hair and work best with thicker, slick, and combed-back hair styles.

Gels can help sculpt your hair regardless of your hairstyle but should be used in moderation to prevent your hair feeling dry or “crispy” during the day.

Creams can work as a less aggressive version of a gel and may be used regardless of hair type. They usually work best by running a little through your damp hair, blow-drying your hair slightly, then applying a small amount more.

Plain water is usually for guys who have easy-to-handle, thinner hair (not recommended for thick hair, as it does not last long enough).

A hairbrush should be used in most cases, especially if you have longer or thick hair.

A hair dryer should be used after applying your product of choice and used with a hairbrush to part your hair your desired way. But only use a hairdryer to dry your hair to the point of it being slightly damp. Don’t completely dry it—otherwise, it may become frizzy!

Tip: You can experiment with changing your hair part easier when it is completely wet. Use a brush to part it however you like and apply product. This will help “train” your hair to begin parting like that naturally after a few days.


Hairstyles to Try

There are three trending hairstyles right now:

The classic side part. You can pick how far on the side you’d like to part your hair, but start with some gel or pomade. Then, use a brush and your hands to style your hair back and to the side. You’re ready to go!

Short sides and long top. You closely shave the sides of your head and spike the top up with some strong hold gel. This works best with thick hair.

Short Messy Cut. If you have short hair, you can rock this natural and care-free yet organized look. Here, you style your short hair slightly up and to the side, but without as much precision as you would with a slick, pomade-infused look.


Lip Care

There’s nothing too complicated about taking care of your lips. Simply follow these hacks:

• Always carry a moisturizing lip balm with you, preferably with a beeswax or coconut oil base.

• Make sure your lip balm is at least SPF 15, especially in warmer months.

• Exfoliate your lips with a sugar-based scrub gently about twice a week.


Eye Care

Eye care is simple as well. Here’s what you need to know:

• If you are prone to dry eyes or work on a computer a lot, try to use eye drops or artificial tears at least once a week.

• Each morning and night, apply a small dab of anti-fatigue eye cream that takes care of puffiness or tired eyes.


Key Takeaways

Don’t be afraid to try new hairstyles by training your hair to part in different ways by brushing it when wet. Using an eye cream under your eyes can make you look refreshed, and using an SPF lip balm with beeswax can provide all-day comfort and protection.

Stay tuned for tomorrow, where we’ll be covering everything you need to know about shaving like royalty!


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