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22.02.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course The random word doodle: boost your creativity and exercise your mind by Rich Armstrong


The random word doodle workout is something you can do for the rest of your life, or something you may do for a week, a month, or 100 days. I’ve found that the best creative and mental results come from doodling daily for 30 days or more. Doing it for over 100 days was the ultimate for me. It’s one of many ways to give your brain a creative workout. What I need to emphasize is that it’s your creative workout. You need to feel your brain sweating. And you need to be having fun.

I’ve now transitioned into different forms of creative workouts, but this is still one of my favorites—one that I’ll come back to for sure. You must gauge for yourself how long to continue the discipline of doodling random words. If it feels like a chore and you’re not having any fun, it’s probably time to change it up and do something that is fun and exciting. The purpose is to work your creative muscle, which doodling and thinking under pressure do really well.

So here are a few extensions of the daily random word doodle you may want to try. Pick a variation today and give it a go.



1. Post your doodle on social media without telling anyone what the word is and ask what people think it is. This is a great conversation starter.

2. Doodle all 10 for an uber workout.

3. Doodle the same word 10 different ways.

4. Write stories on a word. I do a lot of writing when it comes to creative workouts, and I love stories, so this is a great workout for me.

5. Write a story that contains all 10 words.

6. Try using one word or all of the words during your day.

7. Try limiting your word options to 5, 2, or even 1.

8. Try finding words in a different language. It’s amazing what your brain thinks of with this approach.

9. Set a very short time limit; two minutes can have some great results.

10. Try doodling on a phone or tablet. I know you can easily undo, but it allows you to create quickly without cutting down trees and without carrying another something with you.

11. Try doodling for 30 minutes, an hour, or longer. Listen to something while you do it.

So with that in mind, choose a variation to your normal approach today and try it out on these words:

1. Utilitarianism
2. Cryogenic
3. Dementiae
4. Falcate
5. Updraft
6. Recoverable
7. Atomistic
8. Matin
9. Agoing
10. Arare

Day 10 done! You are a champion! Double high five yourself. Dance. Play the air guitar. Well done! Be sure to share your last varied-up version of a random word doodle!


Now what?

To keep up the practice of doodling random words every day, check out this page (there are dailies, singles, doubles, and unique lists). If you’d like to keep in touch, get on my mailing list and follow me on Twitter and Instagram.

And then finally, if you’d like to get my Doodling Random Words ebook, which contains 150 doodles, all of the information covered in the last 10 days of emails, as well as personal explanations and revelations for my doodles, here’s a 50% off discount code for you to enter when buying the book.

Thank you for taking the class! Share it with your friends and family. Let me know how you found the process and how it helped you.

Remember, #randomWordDoodle.

Rich Armstrong


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