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22.01.2018 |

Episode #7 of the course Drive sales with inbound lead generation by Roy Harmon


The Consideration funnel exists for people who know they’ve got a problem and are considering different types of solutions. Remember our umbrella example? At this stage, they’re learning about umbrellas, raincoats, ponchos, and other solutions to the rain problem.

We want to collect these leads so we can help them understand why an umbrella is the best choice (and we definitely want to be there when they’re choosing which umbrella they want [in the Decision stage]).


How Do They Get to This Point?

You’ll nurture leads from your Awareness funnel into this funnel, and you’ll also bring in new traffic through ads and SEO.


The Consideration Funnel


Many of the components are composed in the same way as the components from the last lesson. The only difference will be that your copy is focused on a different stage of the buyer’s journey. The same goes for the Decision stage funnel we’ll talk about in the next lesson.

So, in this lesson and the next, we’ll just focus on the components that will be done differently.


Traffic Sources

Again, if you can rank for your terms, SEO is always a great play. Additionally, paid search is a great option to fill your Consideration funnel. Where do people go when they’re looking for an solution to a problem? Google, right?

With search ads, you can show up when they’re searching for, “how to stay dry in the rain.” And with remarketing lists for search ads (RLSA), you can even bid more for people who have already been to your site (or limit your ads entirely to your remarketing list).

Another option is to run ads on Facebook to your remarketing list. That way, people who you know have the problem you can solve will see ads with your Consideration offers. They’ll click them when they’re ready to move down the funnel.


Landing Page

You can ask for a little more information (e.g., a phone number or job title) at this stage of the buyer’s journey. Your offer should provide a real solution to their problem, so they’ll be more inclined to download it. Besides, you’ve already got their email, so you can remarket to them in the future if they don’t download the offer now.



This offer should get them closer to a solution. Whether it’s something like, “Five Ways to Stay Dry in the Rain,” “How to Make Your Own Umbrella,” or a pattern they can use to make a poncho out of a garbage bag, it needs to offer the promise of an answer to their prayers.

You’re not trying to sell them on your solution here. This is just another opportunity to establish trust and credibility with your prospects.

In the next lesson, we’ll build the final piece of our conversion maze, the Decision stage funnel. This will take the leads we’ve nurtured and convert them into customers.

See you tomorrow!


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