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Episode #10 of the course Fundamentals of JavaScript by Matt Fay


Congratulations, you made it to the end! Give yourself a pat on the back. Your journey doesn’t end here. In fact, your journey will never really end, and that’s the glory of programming. JavaScript is changing rapidly and you get to learn forever, as it’s a continuous process.

We’ve walked through the history of JavaScript: declaring variables with var, let, and const; decisional making with if, else, and else if; loops, such as the for, while, and do while; some built-in JavaScript functions, such as “prompt()”, and “alert()”, functions; and we’ve discussed the power of JavaScript, including its use in multiple areas outside of the browser.

Below are ideas for next steps:

Mozilla Developer Network (see here). Keep this in your bookmarks, as it is a fantastic resource not only for JavaScript but also anything related to the web, such as HTTP requests, HTML and CSS, etc. It is a reference to everything you’ll ever encounter while learning JavaScript.

Codecademy: Introduction to JavaScript (see here). This tutorial will give you the hands-on approach to learning JavaScript. You’ll write code right on their website. It’s worth checking out the HTML and CSS sections as well.

FreeCodeCamp (see here). FreeCodeCamp is non-profit, massive community of learners and experts alike. The entire platform is open-source, so once you feel comfortable, you can start contributing to the platform itself and build it with others. You’ll learn HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

You may begin at any of the links above, as they’re all great resources. Remember to use a search engine if you get stuck—they’re your best friend when you’re learning. And don’t worry about cheating yourself. A good piece of advice I received when I worried about “googling” answers was this: “Many great artists began their career by copying the giants that came before them,” or something along those lines. It remains true. You will still learn and develop your skills the same or perhaps even more. Try to pay attention to how the code is written to be able understand precisely what it is doing.

Javascript is a great language for you to dive into. Learn it, and you’ll be able to create full-stack applications, which previously required the knowledge of multiple different languages..

Good luck on your journey into programming, I hope you had fun during this course!

The best advice I think I can offer you at this point moving forward comes from an Ancient Greek philosopher known as Epictetus: “Persist and resist”—that is, persist in your studies and effort and resist the urge to quit!


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