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Episode #9 of the course English vocabulary – in the morning (B2) by Kasia Sielicka, PhD


Susan was lying on the floor, disoriented by the fall. Luckily, she managed to stand up on her own.

“Are you OK?” asked a worried voice. “I’m John, I’m new here.”

“Oh, yes, I’m fine,” she replied. “I guess I’m just starving—I haven’t had anything to eat this morning.”

“Well, let me take you for brunch at our canteen. What would you like to eat?”

“Eggs! I love eggs! Some scrambled eggs… or sunny-side up… or even soft-boiled eggs!”

“Well, I’d love to get you some eggs, but I’m afraid they’ve only got sandwiches. And only healthy ones for that matter! Whole-grain bread with lettuce and low-fat spread instead of butter.”

“Oh, come on, I almost died today! I don’t want healthy food! Look, they also have muffins! I want a cranberry muffin, a raspberry muffin, and a chocolate chip one!”


Key words

A brunch is a meal between breakfast and lunch. The name comes from the combination of the two words: br(eakfast) + (l)unch.

A canteen is like a restaurant at an office.

Soft-boiled eggs are, well, boiled, and the yellow part is still soft. The opposite are hard-boiled eggs.

Whole-grain bread is the healthy, “brown” bread that contains whole grains.

A spread is soft food that you put on butter, etc. It’s similar to butter.

Chocolate chips are little pieces of chocolate. Yum!


Bonus words

If you are disoriented, you don’t know what’s happening around you.

If you are starving, you are very hungry.


Hmm, John seems like such a nice guy. And Susan is single…. Join us tomorrow for the last episode to find out what happens between them!


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