Bring Those Old Pins Back to Life!

18.07.2017 |

Episode #6 of the course How to grow your business with Pinterest by Sydney Wyatt


We’re over halfway through now!

In today and tomorrow’s lesson, we’re going to learn about some of my favorite things: tools built especially for Pinterest.

There are two tools I use for pinning to Pinterest: BoardBooster and Tailwind. Together, they’re an invaluable combination.

I use BoardBooster to loop the content I’ve already pinned to my Pinterest account and Tailwind to schedule fresh content to go out at optimal times of the day. Using this combination leaves my Pinterest feed looking full, engaged, and—most importantly—organic.

We’ll dive into Tailwind in detail in the next lesson.

Today, let’s talk about how BoardBooster works.

BoardBooster has three primary features:

• Campaigning: Targeted pinning to a customized list of boards

• Scheduling: Untargeted pinning from a secret board to a specific board

• Looping: Repinning old pins and recycling content

I don’t use the Scheduling feature in BoardBooster. In my opinion, Tailwind does it better!

If you do want to use the Scheduling feature, here’s how it works:

1. You create a secret board on Pinterest and fill it with pins.

2. You set up a Schedule on BoardBooster, targeting that board.

3. BoardBooster will pin content from your secret board to a public board.

It’s messy. It’s confusing. I don’t like it.

Instead, let’s talk about where BoardBooster shines: campaigns and looping.

Campaigns are a great way to promote new content. I create a new Campaign for every piece of content I publish: each Campaign automatically pins my new post to every Group Board I am a part of, as well as any of my own boards with a related topic. Tailwind has a similar feature, called Interval Pinning, which we’ll talk about in the next lesson—I use a mix of the two!

Looping is the primary reason why I advocate for using BoardBooster with your Pinterest and Tailwind accounts. BoardBooster will find your oldest pins, repin them to the same board, and after a set number of days, weigh the original pin and looped pin against one another. Here’s the beauty of it: BoardBooster will then delete the pin with fewer repins and less engagement.

I don’t recommend ONLY looping your account, especially if you have a low number of pins. Instead, use looping in addition to organic pinning. Remember, looping should help you maintain your daily pin count, not be the sole source of it.

One last looping tip: stay away from boards with fewer than 50 pins total! Your followers will get a real sense of déjà vu if they keep seeing the same few pins over and over. :)

That’s it for BoardBooster! In the next lesson, we’ll get into Tailwind strategies—and there are some hefty ones.

Looped pins forever,



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