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22.02.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course The random word doodle: boost your creativity and exercise your mind by Rich Armstrong


Starting the day with a creation, no matter how small, is a creative win; your brain flies out the gates, on a roll, ready to gobble up the day’s challenges! You’ll start to love the feeling of getting through a random word workout. And the more you create and work your brain, the more you’ll believe in yourself and appreciate how creative you are. You’ll see that creativity isn’t a switch—it’s a muscle, and one that craves going to the gym. You’ll understand that uber creativity and coming up with amazing ideas takes time, and only little by little can you turn your brain into that bronzed and well-toned demigod of a muscle. There will be highs and lows, but you’ll see that the best way to create better is to create more and create consistently, so keep on! The same thing goes with ideas—the more ideas you come up with, the better the quality of the ideas will be over time.

You’ll realize that you’ve got so much potential, that you’re capable of so much, and that you’re getting better and better at this creativity thing. Don’t hold onto your ideas and creations in fear of never bettering them. Keep them to see your progress. Be inspired by looking back and seeing how you’ve changed and grown! All that you create is fertilizer for future creations.

You’ll see that over a period of time, you can accomplish a lot—even by spending 15 minutes every day doing something. It demonstrates how you can become better at anything. All it takes is time, practice, and consistency.

Today, I’ve got more double-barrel words for you:

1. Self-sufficient clerestory
2. Library archean
3. Sordes cornwall
4. Verbum federal
5. Fingernail unsarcastic
6. Raddled orectolobidae
7. Cuticle cube
8. Shamesense suffused
9. Likelihood uzbek
10. Centigram miter

What I want you to do today is think of stories and people. What do the words lead you to think about? Who are the characters? What strange land are they in? What happens there? Don’t get too ponderous. Doodle rather than think. And remember, if you’re not having fun, you need to change something up!

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Recommended book

“Creativity, Inc.: Overcoming the Unseen Forces That Stand in the Way of True Inspiration” by Ed Catmull


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