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Episode #5 of the course English vocabulary – in the morning (B2) by Kasia Sielicka, PhD


OK, so the clothes are ready, but what about accessories? Susan went to her chest of drawers to look for the right extras. She thought to herself:

For my head, a Stetson hat, like a cowboy? Or a classic fedora hat? Definitely not a top hat—I’m not a magician!

Should I wear stilettos to look sexier? Boots to be warmer? Or trainers? They’re more comfortable?

And now the bag. A briefcase for all my work documents? And a classy clutch bag to hold in my other hand? But the doctor told me a backpack is better for my back.

Now, the jewelry. Do hairpins count as jewelry? Probably not—but they will keep my hair neat and tidy.

Oh, what a nice bracelet! It will look so pretty on my wrist! And you know what else would look great? A diamond ring! I wish I had a diamond ring!

This reminded Susan that she is single… and she’s already late!


Key words

A chest of drawers is a piece of furniture in your house to keep small things, like accessories or underwear. It has drawers (= little boxes you can pull out to take things out of them).

A Stetson hat is a type of hat that cowboys wear.

A top hat is worn by magicians. It often has rabbits inside!

Boots are big, tall shoes you wear in winter to keep warm.

Trainers are sports shoes. You can go running in them.

A briefcase is a square bag that can hold your documents. A businessman always has a briefcase.

A backpack is a type of bag you put on your back. It is good for sports and tourism.

A bracelet is a piece of jewelry you wear on your wrist. (= between your hand and your arm)


Bonus words

Hairpins keep your hair neat and tidy. (= in order)


Yay! Susan is fully dressed and accessorized! Surely things will be better now. Nothing can go wrong with the car….


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