Wrapping Up

29.02.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course Startup marketing for everyone by Jonah Bliss


Wow, those ten days really flew by! A week and a half ago, you were a beginner, and now you’re a certifiable marketing expert. Okay okay, maybe we won’t get too ahead of ourselves, but the fact is you’ve learned a lot.

So what’s next? Well, let’s review some of the basic tenets, but then the best thing would be for you to start putting those practices to work.


Keys to Success

The key to marketing success is to get out there, get your feet wet, learn from your mistakes, and just keep iterating.

Make sure to sign up for key social media accounts like Twitter and Facebook, as well as any others that may be more applicable to your specific business.

Start advertising on Google and Facebook, and maybe Adroll, and learn from what those clicks get you.

Set up landing pages, start blogging, and send some emails. Dive deep into the data, learn from what works, and use A/B testing to keep improving.

Think of something clever, make a story or event out of it, and drum up some press.

Just keep slogging away, using all your energy and imagination, and eventually you’ll find what works best so that you can double down on that. If your product or service is good, you’ll find a way to tell that story through your marketing, and success will be yours. As long as you keep trying and keep iterating, the only thing that can stop you is lack of effort. So if you keep your chin up, you’ll be succeeding before you know it!


About the Author, Jonah Bliss

Want to stay abreast of the latest developments, but with a fantastical hint of snark? Your esteemed author, Jonah Bliss, blogs about content marketing at ContentIntent and about all sorts of new trends on Twitter as @jonahbliss.


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