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03.09.2016 |

Episode #9 of the course Launching your brand with a BANG by Luna Vega


The homepage is the most vital page of your website during the launch.

Your audience has already been eagerly anticipating your brand debut, so you need to instantly grab their attention and wow them with a beautiful homepage.

Try a unique approach to delivering the unexpected without investing a lot of money. Pay attention to what other brands have already done so that you can stand out. What can you do differently? Think outside the box—you’d be surprised how inexpensive creating a video can be. It’s not something you see every day.

Put your focus on having compelling copy, an irresistible offer, and a powerful homepage.

In order to boost traffic to your page during the launch, use your mailing list. Give your email subscribers an irresistible launch offer, whether it’s store credit or social referral programs.

Try putting together a referral program widget. It allows you to get referral traffic from people who have already registered for your emailing list with programs like Friendbuy or Referral Candy. Encourage your audience to share with their network and reward them for doing so!


Always Think of Your Customers

Every action you’ve taken so far ties into creating relationships with your customers. Start preparing for how you will continue to build those relationships by sharing your brand message and increasing your visibility.

By this point, you’ve already set up your automated series, and a thank-you email will already be on its way to your customers post-launch. But how else can you utilize your mailing list?

Talk to your customers and learn more about them. Ask them to give you feedback. When you get questions, answer them promptly. Create surveys for the next product you plan to make. This enables you to continue improving your business, which will increase your bottom line in return.

Inspire your customers to keep sharing your brand by continuing to offer them an irresistible reward, like early access to your next product. Was running a contest successful pre-launch? Come up with another unique one for social media. Thank them for sharing too! They took an extra step to show their support.

I discussed how important consistency on social media is, but it’s equally important to be consistent when you’re continuing the conversation. Don’t send your customers information every day or spam them. But also don’t go too long without checking in on them; aim for at least once a month. You don’t want them to forget about you.

Give them content that’s valuable rather than pushing sales in every email. People will trust you more and appreciate you, which will keep them coming back. It doesn’t have to be a beautifully designed email (in fact, depending on their email providers, not all readers would be able to view a high-tech designed email). Plain text emails with the proper formatting are just as effective.

It’s the content that really matters.

You’ve almost made it to the end! Stay tuned for the final lesson, where I share how to wow your customers on the big launch day.


Recommended book

“Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind” by Al Ries, Jack Trout


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