Why Learn Spanish?

31.03.2017 |

Episode #1 of the course How to speak Spanish fluently for beginners by Rype


Hey, hey. Welcome to our email course on how to speak Spanish fluently.

We’re excited to be sharing our knowledge after researching, surveying, and analyzing the data from thousands of students that have been through our platform. The strategies and tactics that we will share in the next ten days have been scientifically research-backed and tested by expert polyglots like Benny Lewis and Tim Ferriss.

Today, we’ll talk about the first question most people ask before they start learning Spanish: “Why should I learn Spanish?”

In addition to the benefits of learning Spanish (in general), we want to touch upon why learning Spanish in particular is one of the best choices you can make.
Easiest way to reach 500M+ people

Sure, you can learn Mandarin and have the ability to reach over 1B people. But if you’re an English speaker right now, the complexity of speaking Mandarin is much higher than Spanish.

The reason for this is because Spanish and English come from the same language family: Latin. Our English-speaking students often ask whether they should learn a similar language like Spanish or a different one like Mandarin. While you can reach more people speaking Mandarin, learning expert Scott H. Young states that Mandarin will take 4x more effort and time than learning how to speak Spanish.

While learning Spanish from English is like going from playing water polo to handball, learning Mandarin from English is like going from playing golf to skiing.
Increase your career opportunities

In addition to China, many of the countries that use Spanish as their official language (e.g., Mexico) are some of the fastest growing economies in the world.

In terms of global purchasing power, the combined GDP of Spanish-speaking countries totals over $6 trillion, with Mexico and Spain alone totaling $1.68 trillion and $1.43 trillion, respectively.

Furthermore, The Economist put out a study that shows that adding Spanish to your resume can add over 50,000 Euros ($70,000 USD) of accumulated bonuses.

One of the most transferable languages

Other than English, Spanish is recognized as one of the most transferable languages in the language family. This means that learning Spanish can open up doors to help you learn similar languages like French, Italian, Portuguese, etc.

Spanish is not only transferable to other languages, but it contains many of the same words in several languages, including English.

Tomorrow, we’ll go over the available methods you can use to learn how to speak Spanish fluently. Stay tuned!


Recommended book

“See It and Say It in Spanish: Teach Yourself Spanish the Word-and-Picture Way” by Margarita Madrigal


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