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26.05.2016 |

Episode #10 of the course Natural remedies for migraines by Dawn Gregory


Scientists believe that chronic inflammation is the underlying cause of migraines. Inflammation is an essential part of the immune system, but it becomes problematic when inflammation spreads throughout the body and starts attacking otherwise healthy tissue.

Inflammation starts when something damages the body. This may be a virus or bacteria, physical injury, stress, chemical toxins, or any number of other factors. The immune system starts to repair the damage, and inflammation is a byproduct of the repair process.

The immune system can get confused when the body is constantly subjected to damaging factors, and inflammation becomes a chronic condition.

The key to managing chronic inflammation is to stop damaging the body and give it the resources it needs to heal. That means you need to eliminate stress, avoid chemical toxins, exercise, rest, and eat nutritious foods.

One tool that really helps the healing process is a detoxification program. This doesn’t mean you need to check into rehab. Detoxification simply means eliminating toxins that have accumulated inside your body.

The most common type of detoxification involves supplements that work on the intestines, colon, and liver to remove toxins that have built up in the digestive system. The simplest programs use lots of fiber, nutrients, and herbs to “get things moving,” help the intestines repair themselves, and support the liver in eliminating toxins from the blood.

Ask your doctor for recommendations about a nutritional detoxification program and give it a try. At the very least, you will get more nutrition out of your food and have more energy.

Now you have an arsenal of weapons to combat migraines naturally. As a quick recap, they are:

1. Staying hydrated with water and electrolytes
2. Combating pain with massage, ice packs on the neck, and heat applied to the extremities
3. Gently exercising to get your blood moving and increase oxygen intake
4. Keeping a migraine journal to understand what triggers your migraines
5. Avoiding foods known to trigger migraines
6. Eating foods rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents to prevent migraines
7. Using herbal preparations of feverfew or butterbur to prevent migraines
8. Applying essential oils to your forehead or inhaling the vapors to relieve migraine pain
9. Ensuring that your diet is providing all the essential nutrients
10. Using a detoxification program to reduce inflammation and improve your health

Remember, a migraine is a complex condition, and the most effective treatment will be different for everyone. Your best bet is to try all of the recommendations and keep track in your migraine journal to identify what works for you.

I wish you success on your journey to overcome migraines and get back to living a healthy, productive life!

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