What about Jennifer? | Solution

16.07.2018 |

The answer: 15.

Now, this was a sneaky one, but if you figured it out on your own, great work. What’s the idea here?

Try saying the names out loud:






Now, Jim and Neal are 5. Susan and Richard are 10. Arabella is 20. Can you spot the pattern?

One syllable = 5. Two syllables = 10. Three syllables = 15. Four syllables = 20. So, Jen-if-fer, which is three syllables, is 15.

As you can see, logic puzzles aren’t always about working out detailed answers. They can be quick, involving some kind of twist that you have to discern. In this case, it’s to shift your attention from thinking about age (which we assume when we see someone “is” a given number) and realizing there is a different connection. In this case, it’s when we see, “What number is Jennifer?” Our expectation is, “You mean how old?” And there’s the clue.


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