Virtual private network

11.07.2016 |

Episode #7 of the course Cyber security for small business by Cat Paterson


In layman’s terms, a VPN is snazzy bit of tech that creates an encrypted connection over an insecure network.

You set up and connect through a private network that blocks anyone from seeing what you are doing online. A potential attacker may be able to see that you are connected to a private network but can’t see your activity or break through the barrier of the private network.

It’s like having your own bubble of armor that protects your data when you are browsing or accessing the internet in public spaces.

Again, there are a number of virtual private networks to choose from. A good way to start assessing what type of VPN you need is to compare the benefits and features to your own personal and company requirements. Is it just you, or do you have salespeople who are out and about? This can make a difference in cost.


Here are some of the benefits of different VPN products that you should consider:

1. A VPN can be installed and used across multiple devices, ensuring you are protected at all times.

2. Some VPNs use bank-grade encryption, keeping you super safe when surfing the net.

3. Browsing anonymously will keep your activity private from prying eyes.

4. Some VPNs offer bypassing of geo-restricted content, so you can literally move your IP address (unique address that identifies your computer) to look like you are browsing from another country at the flip of a switch.

5. Block and intercept annoying cookie data that normally follows you around the internet (sick of that ad that pops up after you browse Amazon? Some VPNs can block this activity).


Be sure to check that the VPN provider isn’t logging your information in their system.

In the next lesson, we are going to look at how to choose a secure host provider for your website so that you know your gorgeous site is as secure as it can be.


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