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03.05.2017 |

Episode #1 of the course How to make your own podcast by Adam Ashton


Welcome to the course!

My name is Adam, and I’m the co-host of the What You Will Learn podcast, where we read a book each week and share the best lessons. I’ve also more recently started the Publish A Book podcast and The Podcast About Podcasts. Long story short—I’m obsessed with podcasting!

Today, I’ll introduce you to the medium of podcasting and talk about who could (or should) start their very own show.


What is a podcast?

Essentially, a podcast is simply an audio file. Think of it like a blog, but you listen to it instead of read it. If you have your own podcast, you get a channel that people can subscribe to. This channel lists all of your episodes, and subscribers will see when you release a new episode.

A lot of podcasts today tend to be interview shows, where the host has a guest each week and interviews them about their life, work, or a specific theme or topic. But that’s just one type of podcast. In a few days’ time, I’ll share with you the different formats and types of podcasts, plus we’ll work on planning your own show and coming up with different ideas for episodes.


Who could (or should) make a podcast?

Who could make a podcast? Anyone and everyone! Who should make a podcast? Anyone and everyone!

OK, maybe I’m a little biased. Anyone CAN make their own show, but not everyone WILL.

Some of the people who stand to gain the most from creating a podcast include (but are not limited to): authors, speakers, comedians, coaches, industry experts, content creators, social influencers, or anyone with a story to tell. Basically, anyone who has a message to spread and wants to build an engaged audience should consider making a podcast.


What’s to come

Over the next ten days, you’ll learn how to make your very own podcast and have it featured on Stitcher, Google Play, and iTunes. We’ll discuss different ideas and formats for your show, we’ll start to plan some episodes, I’ll show you what basic equipment you need to make a podcast, I’ll give you a great idea for your very first episode (and hopefully you’ll record it!), and I’ll show you’re a great strategy for tripling your content and spreading it far and wide.

Tomorrow, we’ll talk about the many potential benefits of podcasting and finding your “why”—why do YOU want to make your own podcast?

Talk soon,
Adam Ashton


Recommended book

Podcast Launch by John Lee Dumas


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