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21.07.2016 |

Episode #6 of the course How to create stunning content on Facebook by PromoRepublic


Hey hey hey! Today we are talking about timeline contest posts.

Before August 2013, Facebook had very strict contest rules. However, on August 27, 2013, the social media giant drastically changed the rules, so you are now allowed to run a contest on your timeline.

Still, there are some things you cannot do. Let’s list them so you don’t have to worry about being banned:

• You cannot ask people to tag themselves in an image they are not pictured in.

• You cannot use third-party applications to run a contest.

• You cannot ask people to publish content (share posts) on their timelines.

• You cannot tag people in an image.

• You cannot ask people to upload a specific cover photo.

Now, a few things you have to do when running a timeline contest:

• You need to comply with local regulations.

• You need to create rules, terms, and conditions for your contest.

State how winners will be chosen, how they will be contacted, what prizes you offer, etc. These rules are usually massive, so you cannot include them in a post. Thus, link a file with rules to your contest. Better yet, create a simple landing page with something like Leadpages so you can capture email addresses.

Now, for what you can do when running a contest on Facebook:

• You can ask users to post on your page.

• You can ask users to comment or like your post(s).

• You can ask users to message the page.

• You can use likes as a voting mechanism.

Contests are perfect for small companies and brands with a small budget. They are free, fast, and easy to create and run, and the posts work on mobile devices. You can also promote or “boost” your contest posts to reach more users.

Tip: Pay attention to cheaters who create multiple accounts to increase their winning chances.

Although you cannot use third-party apps, some services can help you with contests:

AgoraPulse Timeline Contest – run a contest and pick a winner in a few clicks for free

WooBox – free version is a bit limited, while paid ones provide you with a bunch of useful contest features

Random.org – helps you choose winners

PromoRepublic – find a bunch of timeline promotion ideas in the library

Fanpage Karma “Good Luck Fairy” – identify the winners in one click. All you need to do is copy and paste the post’s URL and click the button

Finally, check out a few brilliant contest ideas:

• Share a photo with your product

• Tell a story with your brand

• Caption contest

• Q&A

• Name your new product (service)

• Vote to choose a new product (service)

We hope that you’re all clear about contests and how to use them. Tomorrow, be ready to learn about content curation.


Recommended book

“The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World” by David Kirkpatrick


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