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04.06.2020 |

Episode #7 of the course Maximize your energy and productivity to live your best life by Linda Hardenstein


Welcome back!

Yesterday, we talked about how just a few minutes of mindful breathing is a great hack you can use to reduce stress and stay energized.

Now let’s talk about another easy way to stay supercharged all day.

Have you ever gone out to start your car and have it not even turn over? One of the first places you check under the hood is your battery. Yep, there it is, totally dried out. An essential element to keeping your car moving is to keep water in your battery.

According to a Northeast Battery website post, “Knowing how to properly manage the water levels in your battery can help ensure the life of your battery and can help you avoid catastrophic battery failure.”

The same is true for your body! You need to keep it charged with water. According to a Healthline post, “Drinking water may activate your metabolism. A boost in metabolism has been associated with a positive impact on energy levels. One study found that drinking 500 milliliters (about 17 ounces) of water boosted the metabolic rate by 30 percent in both men and women.” Just like food, drinking water also helps with brain function, which assists with productivity.

Dehydration, i.e., not having enough water in your system, is one of the top causes of feeling fatigued. If you’re tired, your energy is going to be low, and it’s going to be hard to get things done.

Take a minute and answer this question as best and as honestly as you can. Estimate, if you have to. How many 8-ounce glasses of water do you drink per day?

Drinking water flushes toxins out of your system, improves your mood, enhances your digestion, and keeps headaches at bay.

To stay supercharged and keep your battery going, drink more water. How much water should you drink per day?

According to the Mayo Clinic, the formula for how much water you should be drinking is:

Step 1: Take your weight (in pounds) and divide it by 2.2.

Step 2: Multiply that number by your age.

Step 3. Divide that sum by 28.3.

Step 4: Your total is how many ounces of water you should drink each day.

It can be easy to intend to drink more water during your day and then to get in your normal routine and forget all about it.

Here are a couple of suggestions for making drinking more water every day a new habit.

• Get a gallon jug, and put it on your desk to remind you to drink it during or by the end of your day.

• Get an attractive water container (stainless steel is best), and make a deal with yourself to drink a certain number of ounces within a certain time frame every day. For example, such a deal might look like: “I will drink four glasses before noon and four after noon every day.”

Write down the answers to these questions to help you get into action.

How much water will you drink every day (according to the Mayo Clinic Formula)?

What will you do to make this part of your routine and a new habit?

Tomorrow, we will look at flow, how to have more of it, and the five essential steps for optimizing your productivity and feeling greater satisfaction in your work and life.

To a supercharged day!



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